5 Steps to Mastering Beautiful Penmanship

  1. Fall in love with your tools. Get to know every pen, every nib,
    you encounter- that goes for ballpoints and pencils, too. Learn how
    far you can push them, what their “sweet spots” are, and how they
    work with different inks and paper.
  2. Write with awareness. Know why you’re writing every time you
    pick up a pen. Make every stroke with intention, deliberately.
  3. Master the basics and develop consistency before attempting
    variations or flourishes
    . Start every word with basic letterforms;
    variations and flourishes can follow later. When you decide on a
    specific angle or slant, stick with it throughout your writing piece.
    Don’t change letter proportions or heights midway through a piece.
  4. Be confident and believe in yourself. No one controls your hand
    but you. Control your hand, and you can control any tool you have
    at hand.
  5. Write what matters. When you write things that matter to you,
    things you believe in, things you love, it comes forth in every stroke.