FWP Cabernet on the Lake and Brilliant Beanstalk

These two inks, and a fountain pen, were in my latest package from Ferris Wheel Press.

Yes, a red and a green- absolutely perfect for someone who starts feeling Christmassy way too early (but this is a Filipino thing).

I’ve talked about the Carousel fountain pen in a previous review. It’s only of my favorite “grab and go, and don’t worry about scratching it up” pens- and am thrilled to have it in another color.

But these inks!

Cabernet on the Lake, one of their new “regular collection” inks, is so wonderfully pigmented, a gorgeous red wine color that’s easy to dip into, and is especially good for for those of us who like finer nibs. It is a shimmer ink- with rose gold particles that add just the right amount of subtle shine- but as in all Ferris Wheel Press shimmer inks I’ve tried so far, the shimmer particles are very fine, and have not clogged my pens.

The second ink is a Ferritales release, coming in one of their adorably small round bottles. It’s named Brilliant Beanstalk, and it’s a dark sage with high shading and champagne shimmer. In this one, the shimmer talks– I have trouble photographing it because sometimes on camera, it’s All Champagne.

Of course I love it.

And of course, given the fairytale theme of the ink, I had to write the lyrics to a song from Into the Woods.

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Disclaimer: Ferris Wheel Press sent the pen and ink set to me for review. I am always completely honest about what I like / dislike about all products, whether I paid for them or not.

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