Roundabout Refillable Rollerball

Ferris Wheel Press chooses the loveliest names for their products- as in the case of their refillable rollerball pen, the Roundabout. Here, refillable means with fountain pen ink– a delightful prospect for anyone who loves fountain pen inks, but can’t always use fountain pens. The rollerball tip means more compatibility with non-coated paper- it glides… Continue reading Roundabout Refillable Rollerball

FWP Cabernet on the Lake and Brilliant Beanstalk

These two inks, and a fountain pen, were in my latest package from Ferris Wheel Press. Yes, a red and a green- absolutely perfect for someone who starts feeling Christmassy way too early (but this is a Filipino thing). I’ve talked about the Carousel fountain pen in a previous review. It’s only of my favorite… Continue reading FWP Cabernet on the Lake and Brilliant Beanstalk

FWP Poison Envy Pen & Ink

Like many old-timer fountain pen users, I’ve learned to be careful with shimmer inks. They’re beautiful, yes- especially on certain types of paper- but they can also clog a feed. I’ve filled several pens with shimmer ink in excitement, only to have them stop writing after a word or two- or worse, never write at… Continue reading FWP Poison Envy Pen & Ink