FWP Poison Envy Pen & Ink

Ferris Wheel Press Poison Envy Set

Like many old-timer fountain pen users, I’ve learned to be careful with shimmer inks. They’re beautiful, yes- especially on certain types of paper- but they can also clog a feed. I’ve filled several pens with shimmer ink in excitement, only to have them stop writing after a word or two- or worse, never write at all.

But I still love shimmer inks- I just usually reserve them for dip pens (of which I am also quite fond of), glass pens, or TWSBIs with stub nibs (which take them wonderfully!).

Imagine my delight, then, when I inked up the Poison Envy pen (with a fine nib!) with its accompanying Poison Envy ink, which contains both green and pink shimmer, to find that it wrote beautifully!

The Carousel pen is made of light, but sturdy, plastic- and feels like a “starter” pen, but I love the nib performance so much that I’ve added it to my EveryDayCarry. Having a pen I’m not afraid to break that gives me reliability and beautiful shimmer? A dream come true.

The ink, like all Ferris Wheel Press inks, comes in the most beautiful box, with design details such as these (description from FWP’s website):

At the centre, the magic mirror cracked but still functioning gives vision to your deepest desires. Cathedral rose windows hide the secrets of Ferris Wheel Press icons, such as nibs, and the iconic hex nut.

Doesn’t that sound magical?

And now for my writing sample:

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Disclaimer: Ferris Wheel Press sent the pen and ink set to me for review. I am always completely honest about what I like / dislike about all products, whether I paid for them or not.

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