Roundabout Refillable Rollerball

Ferris Wheel Press chooses the loveliest names for their products- as in the case of their refillable rollerball pen, the Roundabout. Here, refillable means with fountain pen ink– a delightful prospect for anyone who loves fountain pen inks, but can’t always use fountain pens. The rollerball tip means more compatibility with non-coated paper- it glides… Continue reading Roundabout Refillable Rollerball

FWP Cabernet on the Lake and Brilliant Beanstalk

These two inks, and a fountain pen, were in my latest package from Ferris Wheel Press. Yes, a red and a green- absolutely perfect for someone who starts feeling Christmassy way too early (but this is a Filipino thing). I’ve talked about the Carousel fountain pen in a previous review. It’s only of my favorite… Continue reading FWP Cabernet on the Lake and Brilliant Beanstalk

FWP Poison Envy Pen & Ink

Like many old-timer fountain pen users, I’ve learned to be careful with shimmer inks. They’re beautiful, yes- especially on certain types of paper- but they can also clog a feed. I’ve filled several pens with shimmer ink in excitement, only to have them stop writing after a word or two- or worse, never write at… Continue reading FWP Poison Envy Pen & Ink

The Universal Line of Beauty

Like most beautiful things, the Universal Line of Beauty is best seen, rather than explained in words. There’s something about this curved line that appeals to our eyes, a theory originated by Hogarth’s Analysis of Beauty in 1753. The Universal Line of Beauty can be seen and used in many different letterforms and flourishing techniques.… Continue reading The Universal Line of Beauty

Why Write?

Tapping on keyboards, swiping on screens, dictating to our devices… why write at all? Studies have shown that writing by hand helps memory and cognitive function, but it’s more than that; when you write with your hand, forming letters with your own fingers, you are expressing yourself in a way no one else in the… Continue reading Why Write?