Roundabout Refillable Rollerball

Ferris Wheel Press chooses the loveliest names for their products- as in the case of their refillable rollerball pen, the Roundabout. Here, refillable means with fountain pen ink– a delightful prospect for anyone who loves fountain pen inks, but can’t always use fountain pens.

The rollerball tip means more compatibility with non-coated paper- it glides smoothly and doesn’t pick up as many fibers as a sharp nib would- although take note that the ink you fill it with will make a difference.

I purchased the pen in the gorgeous French Vanilla colour, because I’m still not over my white-pen phase- and its body is very similar to their Carousel pen (which I’ve talked about before here and here). Watch a side by side comparison video here:

I mentioned choosing the right ink earlier, and I’ve found- for my pen anyway- that when it comes to filling the Roundabout, the wetter the better. You want to use a very flowy ink with this one, such as one of Pilot’s Iroshizukus, some of Ferris Wheel Press’ own inks (I highly recommend something like Poison Envy), or- as I’ve done with mine- a Noodler’s, in this case Red-Black.

If you like writing with rollerballs, you’ll probably enjoy this one. It took me some doing to find the “sweet spot” on the nib, but once I did, everything flowed nicely.

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Note: I purchased this pen myself from Ferris Wheel Press. I am always completely honest about what I like / dislike about all products, whether I paid for them or not.

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